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Thank You Sponsors!

Your support is what takes our arena to the next level





Sponsorship Opportunities

Help us help you.  Sponsoring an event at the CWR is a great way to get your business noticed and your products seen.  Choose the amount and type of sponsorship that works best for you.

How to Sponsor:

To add money to a competitions payout, simply fill in the "added money" form and submit payment.
For general sponsorship inquiries,
 submit the "sponsorship" form.  Be sure to include your company's logo if you have one to be used on fliers and other event advertisements.

Added Money:

Add money to the payout for the class of your choice

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Thank you for your contribution

Sponsorship options for our July 14-15 event

General Sponsorship:

Submit your business contact info and let us know briefly how you would like to contribute.  We will reach out once we've received your submission. 

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Thank You for your interest in Sponsoring, we look forward to speaking with you

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