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CWR Horses



Some of these horses are ready to go and some are up and coming prospects. If you are looking for the perfect horse, we encourage you to check back regularly for updates on all of our horses.  Please reach out if you have questions about any of them!

Hes A Straight Travlena

Aka "Howie"

2019 Bay Tobiano Gelding

"Howie" is one of those horse that was born to be a family horse. He's just sweet and wants to get along. But unlike the average kids horse, he's got the looks and TALENT. He's so laid back you wouldn't think he's going places, but when you give him a job he steps right up and tries his heart out. He's not the biggest or the strongest (although he's stronger than he looks) but he's fast when you ask him to be and he DRAGS his butt, EVERY time. We think breakaway is in his future, but honestly he's just a nice one to have around. (He's a bit fluffy at the moment, wait till you see him shed out!)

Ty Golden Husky

Aka "Dunny"

2017 Dun Gelding

“Dunny” is one of those horses that’s pretty easy to walk right by and never think twice. But more and more we think he should be turning heads. He can FLY, and he’s got a BIG natural stop when he gets there. He is KIND, and genuinely tries to please. And most importantly, we think he’s got what it takes to be an open head horse. 6yr old dun gelding, he’ll be one to watch for soon!

Bambi Beau Cat

Aka "Bo"

2017 Sorrel Gelding

"Bo" Turns everybody's heads.  He's drop dead gorgeous and he can MOVE. Competed in cutting before we had him, and is currently on track to be a bridle horse.  We got him with the intention of making a rope horse out of him, which he is certainly going to be good for, but we are having so much fun riding him we might just have to campaign him for a while! Keep an eye out for this one, we'll have to let him go eventually and he's likely to go quick with as much flare and talent as he's got!

Lenas Lil Longlegs

Aka "Rooster"

2020 Red Roan Gelding

"Rooster" has no lack of personality.  He's definitely a class clown! BIG and STRONG.  Someone's going to love having a flashy head horse like him! At this point we are working on putting a solid foundation on him, he could go to town and start roping tomorrow, but a solid foundation is a must in our program.  We want to offer horses that are good, and will stay that way, so for now he is on our prospect list but we have high hopes for this one!